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Xmas is coming

So, Xmas is nearly upon us and the end of this long half term is in sight. I have not managed to write any blogs this term yet, so I thought I’d jot a few things down now.

A) Expectations are important, if you expect year 7s to understand level 7 work, then they will, if you expect them to struggle they will. I have a delightful year seven class who are now fully coherent on Pythagoras and loci. A year 8 class who can do Pythagoras in 3 dimensions and plot and draw quadratic graphs and a low ability year 8 class who can enlarge from centre with positive integer and fractional scale factors.

2) Variety is key. This term had seen me have my first ever pgce student take one of my classes, and I have found this to be excellent for my own development. You get an entirely different view of a lesson from the back and I’ve learned so much. The student in question was superb and planned well, so I have gained some great resources, but also an insight into teaching and into my own practices. One target we’ve worked in for her is a variety of different activities, and this has been key to improving behaviour management.

3) Maths loops are the single greatest resource ever invented!

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