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The last day

The last day, not of the world as we had been led to believe by the “oh it’s the apocalypse, it must be as the Mayan calendar runs out” crowd, but of the term. As a member of the staff band it meant attending the end of four rewards assemblies to play a few songs and generate a party atmosphere. This was superb fun, and I think has shown me in a different light to some pupils, and has meant that even pupils who didn’t really know me before now know who I am. I felt a bit famous at break time being mobbed by the year 7 and 8 kids, and have even been asked by a year 8 band if I will play bass for them in an assembly….

The assemblies were great, celebrating the pupils achievements and talents. The star of the show was a girl from my year 8 class, she is a superstar with a tremendous voice and she performed “an ordinary fool”, which was from her role as Blousy Brown in the recent production of Bugsy Malone. The highlight if my day was seeing a theatre full of the entire of year 9 and 10 (think 350 “Kevin and Perry”‘s) sit silent and open mouthed in awe of the performance, then give her an ovation befitting of The Rolling Stones at wembley!

I nominated one of my year 11s for a special commendation award as he’s been working superbly well this year. It wasn’t exactly good for his street cred though, and he was a little embarrassed! Still, his parents will be proud when he takes it home, and hopefully that will give him a lift.

Talking to my year 11s today has made me think about their leavers assembly. I have a real bond with the class, having taken over them in June 2011 when I joined the school. They were renowned around school as a troublesome class, but I have built an excellent relationship with them. They are a lower ability set, and so none of them will be doing a level maths next year. This means that even the ones that stay on are unlikely to find themselves in my class again. This will be the first class that I’ve had that will have left and I will miss them immensely. I just hope they leave with the grades they want.

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