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The Happy Cube


Look at these beauties! These puzzle cubes have been bought for a dual purpose, firstly, I’m a bit of a geek and really enjoy doing this sort of puzzle (my HoD often calls me “the department’s resident geek”), but secondly, I think there could be a lot of mileage out of them in lessons. They would work well as a kinaesthetic activity, perhaps as a starter, and I’m sure there are other links to be had (any ideas welcome). I have completed the “barrel puzzle” and one of the “Marble Cubes” already, and both were good fun.

There are a variety of sets, each differing in difficulty, to aid differentiation, and you can own your own set by visiting http://www.happypuzzle.co.uk/ .

I intend to investigate more into the possibilities these cool toys offer over Christmas, and I will post again about any more ideas I have.

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