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S’no (w) way to behave…..

The snow has come, not the 10 foot drifts the harbingers of doom suggested, but enough to cause a lot of KS3 pupils distraction. I was called boring the other day because I responded to someone who was “doing a snow dance” by saying that I hoped it didn’t snow. It’s not that I don’t like snow. If snow had fallen during the holidays I would have welcomed it, but during term time it is not something I want. Firstly, Years 11, 12 and 13 have exams this sitting, if the snow was so heavy they didn’t make it in then they would be heavily affected. Secondly, if pupils don’t make it in they are missing out on learning time, whatever the year. Thirdly, the risk of pupils (and staff even) coming to harm on their journey is greatly increased when conditions are bad, and finally, when snow falls outside a classroom window a strange phenomenon happens where pupils seem unable to avert their eyes from it. The last one is easily quelled by drawing the blinds, but it still causes a disruption to the learning experience I would rather avoid.

It’s been a week since I’ve written much on here, but I do have a few blogs in the pipeline, I’ve signed up to a “blog sync” (http://share.edutronic.net/ ), which seems an interesting idea. It will also provide me with a new challenge of writing about a specific, predetermined topic, which is a little different to how I usually blog.

This week I have taken a brilliant idea from Paul Collins (http://mrcollinsmaths.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/mathematical-concepts-wall-for-want-of.html) and run with it. I have made my own cards using his template (http://www.tes.co.uk/teaching-resource/Mathematical-Concepts-Wall-Display-6312640/) and have set about giving them to various classes and seeing what they come up with. I will blog further about this later when the display is up and running. I have many ideas around it. For now, I have set up an e-display (http://mrcavswalloffame.wordpress.com/). My favourite is:


I have been experimenting with collective memory tasks too this week, and have found these to be really engaging and versatile.

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