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Power Cut!!!!!!

Today, period 4 my year tens arrived as normal and I promptly handed out concept cards as a bell activity to get them engaged. (You can see their offerings at: http://mrcavswalloffame.wordpress.com/ ) As they were completing this, the power went out!, the lights , computer and IWB all went down (the emergency lights kicked in but they are still fairly dark. We opened the blinds and had just about enough light to continue. The lesson I had planned was on standard form, and was fairly reliant on the IWB. There was a show me activity based on IWB questions and  there were demos and questions for the class to be working on from the board. This meant I had to plan a new lesson “on the fly”, as it were. This happened to me once when I was training (that time I had left my memory stick at home and not realised to the start of the lesson – the host teacher stepped in and we team taught that day) and once last year as an NQT (I had save a lesson onto my hard drive at home, not my memory stick! That time I knew what the next topic was (factorising quadratics) and had another lesson I could use). This time I couldn’t use IWB stuff at all, so had to really think on my feet. First I set them the task of converting some numbers into standard form by writing them on a WB, this was to recap last lessons learning and to give me a minute or two to devise a plan of action. I then used questioning to lead pupils to discover how to complete calculations involving standard form. This was similar to how i would have done it anyway, but using an old-fashioned whiteboard and pen, rather than to more colourful IWB presentation i had planned. Then I still incorporated a show me activity, but wrote each question up on the whiteboard. Due to the nature of the activity this was fine, as they needed thinking time to complete each question. Then we moved onto a card sort activity I had (although hadn’t planned on using this lesson!). The lesson was quite successful,and the fact i managed to pull off the lesson despite the disruption caused by the power cut gave me a nice confidence boost.

The following lesson the lights were back on, but I still had no IWB. This lesson was a Y8 lesson on adding and subtracting fractions and the IWB presentation had some great visuals, so it was a shame that I couldn’t use it. I managed to again replace the presentation by using the whiteboard, and the kinesthetic tasks I had planned were still useable as they didn’t require ICT, so the lesson went well too.

The power cut made today a bit of a challenge, but it is these challenges that improve us and in a way I am glad that it happened to give me the opportunity to think on my feet and re-jig lessons on the fly in this manner.

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