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Excitement and teamwork

Today we took a delivery that got me rather excited:


Yes, that’s right, I’m a little sad, a little geeky but hey, what’s wrong with that?!

When I was interviewed for my current role I asked the panel whether further maths was offered as an A Level, when the negative response came back I asked if it ever would be. I was told that it was unlikely, but never say never. So imagine how exciting it is that less than two years after that interview I’m embarking on an AS level further maths course with my year 13s and look to be starting a full A level further course next sept for the (will be then) year 12s. We’ve come a long way in a very short time, and although the further maths numbers are still low, we can see a bright future. The A level maths numbers more than tripled last year.

As a school, we have gone in a couple of years from under 20% (around 30% when I started) maths a to c to around 60 last year and a target of even more this year. In the november early entry exams we achieved two A stars, the very first A stars the school has had in maths, ever.

We have achieved all this through hard work, as a team. My departmental colleagues are my single biggest resource. We often joint plan, share resources, share a kind word if someone needs it, act as a vent when someone needs to let of steam and as a sounding board when we have ideas.

Our school refers to the old fashioned departments as “area teams”, and this is extremely apt. The HOD is actually called the “Area team leader”, and again this title is perfect. She leads the team from the front, rather than manage from above. And the termly catch up meetings with staff are a welcome, informal setting to catch up and see where we are.

I feel both proud and lucky to be part of the team, and the wider school team which has a similar ethic and feel about it.

Here’s to an exciting future, more a* to c’s more A level candidates, more A stars, and more fun!

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