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An old favourite

Last night, while planning for today, I was looking for starter ideas and I ca me across this:


This is a starter puzzle that was shown to me by a fellow trainee back when I was studying for my PGCE. It is a fun starter task that can engage quickly and get quite competitive. I used it on my interview lesson for my current post and the now head of school and vice principal who both observed that lesson loved it as much as I do. The first to complete the task that day was a young lady who is now in year 11. She came to the board and demonstrated her solution to the class really well. I know now, from colleagues who teach her, that she can be quite hard to engage, but I find that hard to imagine as on that day she was a total superstar!

I have used this starter at school before, but not for over a year, and I have mostly different classes now to the ones I had then, so I think the time is right to try it out on some new classes. I’ve only tried it on year 9 today, but am hoping to try a few more before the week is out!

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