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Flip Cameras

This week we had a twilight session focussing on progress over time. One part of the session was dedicated to flip cameras, as school have just purchased some and will be distributing some of them to each department. We had a quick chat and came up with the following ideas between us:

  • Debating (e.g. should we be taxed?) in a Maths context
    • This came from a discussion I’d had with my year 8’s while teaching percentage change. This was great SMSC debate, but there had been no evidence.
    • Filming students gathering data for surveys
    • People positioning loci and real life constructions (such as marking out a football pitch.
    • Songs
      • This was based on the ATL’s idea. At a previous school she had videoed her class singing the “mean is average” song and thought this was an idea that could be built on. Pupils could write their own revision songs and these could be filmed.
      • Creating starter activities that other year groups can then do
      • Revision videos – worked examples at the board or in groups
      • Maths in real life – students can interview members of staff asking them about how they use Maths in real life
      • Video presentation as opposed to a poster presentation
        • This was built on from a project we did recently around famous mathematicians, the output was a poster that each group displayed and spoke around.
        • A further idea I had around this was a sports report. Pupils could analyse the data of a football or rugby season and present a sky sports news style report/season review. This could be a good project to cover data.
        • Alternately, they could analyse the stock markets etc.

If you have any more ideas, or if you’ve successfully used Flip Cameras in maths, I’d love to hear those ideas.

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