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Results, Timetables, SoW and MacLaurin’s Expansion

The first week back after Easter has been pretty hectic, with plenty going on. Not least the GCSE results for the feb/march sitting and the resultant meetings regarding intervention. As a result of this I have picked up two extra year 11 classes and I am looking forward to the increased responsibility this holds for their final half term, and to teaching more of the higher GCSE topics. One of the classes is full of pupils yet to get c’s and the other contains pupils on c’s looking for a’s and b’s. Some of these pupils are looking to take a level maths next year, so improving their grades will be of paramount importance, and teaching them the necessary topics will be fun too!

As well as this, a lot of my time this week has been spent working with the ATL on next years timetable for the department. This is a big job that can be frustrating at times, but is something I find fun and challenging. Being strongly maths based is one of its draws for me, and I used a variety of maths techniques to solve various problems, including two way tables and a variation on bin packing. I feel that a generalised solution to timetabling problems is achievable through maths, but would probably be a doctorate level procedure! (Perhaps I will attempt this on day when I have time…) It took us a while, but we managed to work it so the teachers we wanted were on the target classes and that all staff had a good, mixed timetable across a range of years and abilities.

I’ve also started work on a KS5 SoW. We haven’t really had one before, we’ve just done medium and long term plans between us and that’s been working ok. But I want to get a more substantial SoW up and running as we are expanding our a level offer and hoping to increase the take up by a lot over the coming years. We have had a year 13 AS Further Maths class this year and we have added a full A level Further Maths to the year 12 offer for next year. The SoW will also take into account what topics are needed from A level maths to enable pupils to complete the further pure module and ensure these are completed first in their A level maths class.

My personal highlight this week was in a year 13 further maths lesson, after teaching MacLaurin’s expansion I asked, “can you use this to prove Euler’s Formula?” The class managed it with no input from me!

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