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What a week!

This week has been a good one. Monday started with the late notice news that my trainee was ill and as such would not be able to teach my year seven class. He had, however, emailled me a lesson he had planned. I taught from his lesson, and he had some good activities, but I didn’t feel as confident teaching the lesson as I do when teaching my own, and i don’t think it went as well as it would have done if I’d planned it. There were things I would have done differently, but a good experience all the same.

The rest of Monday was pretty good, and I got the first taste of one of my new y11 groups. (the foundation one). The lesson started a little messy, as some of the pupils felt like they were seen as the “dumber” ones, but we had a Frank discussion about the fact that a smaller group of them targeting the topics they can’t do on the foundation paper gives them the best chance of doing well. They accepted this and hot on quite well. The lesson I has with them on Friday was amazing, they worked really hard and I think they now all want to do their best.

Tuesday was a brilliant day. Every lesson went as well as it could possibly go. I’m not sure why, but I was really on form. I had to pick up two lessons the trainee usually takes my classes, but I had notice this time, so was able to plan my own lessons. I did inequalities with my year 7’s, which stretched and challenged them and they loved it. My year 13 lesson was on polar curves, a superb topic, and as with many recent further pure topics one I didn’t have to teach much in. The class have become accomplished mathematicians, and have a superb ability to see the links from the skills and knowledge they already have to the new maths. Year 11 did ratio, which results plus tells me is one of the areas they did badly on in march, the lesson went well and they will all get full marks on it next time! Year 8 did revision, year 9 fractions and year 10 changing the subject. All lessons that were planned well for the class and that came off brilliantly. (I will try upload some if these resources to TES soon!)

My lesson for the rest of the week have gone quite well too, but not as well as Tuesday’s, which might well be my best day since I started teaching!

The other highlight of the week was getting to see the school production of Sondheim’s “Into the woods”, but that’s a topic for another blogpost, so watch this space!

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