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New Toy!!!!

Last week this arrived!

20130429-113749.jpg 20130429-113807.jpg


A new toy that my super duper Area Team Leader got in. She got one for each of the teachers teaching A level and the arrival date was uncanny. She dropped mine in my classroom the evening before I was teaching sketching polar curves! I thought, “what a handy tool for tomorrow”! And it really was. My year 13’s loved playing with it and it was really handy to let them use it to check their sketches if polar curves.

20130429-114039.jpg 20130429-114103.jpg

20130429-114121.jpg 20130429-114141.jpg

I’ve not had chance to play with it much further, but I intend to investigate it’s full capabilities! I’m fairly sure I had this same model (or at least one very similar) when I completed my A levels, so it will be exciting to rediscover what I knew, and to discover many new things about it!



If you know of cool uses for it, please do let me know!

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