Today I decided to try look into uploading resources to the TES website. I figured that I get so many off there from such fantastic contributors (my favourite ones can be found here: ) that it was about time I started to put some of my own up.

My page can be found at 

So far I haven’t put much up there, but my first upload is a collection of my favourite starter puzzles (

In this collection is my 4 pics one word starter, which created a whole raft of other similar resources by other superb teachers. I have blogged in more detail about that here:

Also included are the “wedding maths” starter ( and an old favourite ( .

I have included two show-me activities based around reflection, rotation and enlargement which i find fun and engaging. They included pictures of celebrities they will know, and some they may not know. I have found this can be a good way to get some wider discussion into the lesson, perhaps around the prime minister. I do find it slightly worrying that more pupils recognise the President of the USA than our PM!

The final one I have included is a whiteboard activity called “Whats wrong with this chart”, which was inspired by a series of tweets from @nyoungmath (a maths teacher from Canada) which included the pictures I have used and the answers from one of her classes about what was wrong with them. I have used this today as a revision activity with Yr 11 and they loved working out the mistakes!

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