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Revision Quizzes

Currently my further maths class are revising for tomorrows D1 exam. Due to the fact we changed the order of the modules we teach the year 12s are also revising for the same exam and I have my class last lesson on a friday at the same time my ATL has year 12, so over the ast few weeks we have been joining up for the last 20 minutes or so and facing of in a head to head “pub quiz” type revision event, these quizzes came from the ATL. They worked really well, helped consolidate some of the learning and gave the students chance to see where they needed to put more work in. In this vein I have made a C1 and a C2 quiz ( http://www.tes.co.uk/teaching-resource/Core-1-and-2-revision-Quizzes-6334839/ ). The C1 quiz went really well and I am going to run the C2 quiz for the first time tomorrow.

Given the success of these quizzes I am planning on doing some similar ones for GCSE classes next week!

Edit – 09/12/13 – I have added some new rounds to the C1 quiz and have also uploaded exported ppts for those of you unable to access notebook.

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