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One year on….

This time last year I was expecting the birth of my daughter. It was her due date, although she didn’t arrive for a fortnight. Towards the end of the day I had taught my top set year 7 class about Pythagoras and wrote this blog before heading to a team meeting.

I set up the WordPress as I was really enjoying reading other teachers blogs and gaining a lot of ideas from them. I hoped that by writing my own I would be able to pass on my ideas to help others. That first post was a short one, and I didn’t write my second until December! I didn’t know how the blog would evolve or what I would post about.

One year on my posts can mostly be defined into four categories.


Posts can be found here

These are posts about the teaching of maths, including reflections of lessons and ideas on feedback, marking, vocabulary and other such things involved in teaching the greatest subject there is.


Posts can be found here

There is some cross over here, but the resources section holds links and reflections on resources I have developed and/or used in lessons.

Education Policy

Posts can be found here

These are posts looking at the education policy in the UK and often include my ideas of how I would like to see it improved.


Posts can be found here

These are post which involve my reflection on the wider life involved in schools, they include posts on school productions and other such things. Including this post that I wrote after seeing one of the most amazing productions I have ever witnessed.

I have enjoyed blogging this year, and hope to write many more as I continue to develop my own classroom practice. And for those who were wondering, the Year 7’s did manage to work it out.

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