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Happy New (academic) Year

September 15, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

So, we are two weeks down and this new year has already been filled with excitement, frustration, jokes, japes and everything else that goes with the back to school phase.

Starting back was a strange feeling for me, as I was torn between two conflicting sets emotions. The first being the buzz and excitement around a new school year. New challenges, a new role, New classes and the rest. In many ways I couldn’t wait to get back. These emotions were offset slightly by the fact I would be back at work so no longer able to spend all day with my partner and my 14 month year old daughter. But on the whole I was feeling positive about the year.

This time of year is strange, and tends to split the profession in two. There are those who get excited, like me, and those who use terms like “dreading it” who take to Facebook to whinge about the return to work. I find it strange that people with so much dread would stay in the profession and I get perplexed reading and hearing their comments.

These first two weeks have been tough, readjusting, and getting to grips with a new role, but I feel now I’m through them I’m ready to crack on. Ready to have some fun and inspire some new mathematicians!

I’ve set myself some goals. I want to ensure I put my all into all my lessons, to make sure the pace is there to enable good progress and to guarantee a variety of tasks to keep myself and the pupils thoroughly engaged. But I want to make sure that the content isn’t lost by “too many thrills”, I want to keep finding time to see other teachers to ensure my own practice is improving and to keep gaining ideas.

I have three crosscurricular projects in the pipeline from last year which I hope to pursue and I hope to incorporate quite a bit of reading time into my routine. There are many education books, and many maths books I wish to read, as well as a number of fiction books I’d like to get to too. And this is the main reason for the post, I would love to hear any suggestions of good books in the fields of education and/or maths. Please feel free to comment below. Also, any good blogs on the subject will be welcomed.

Happy New Year.

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