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Open evening, and difficult conversations.

September 28, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Whoa, what a week. It’s been a long one, and full of some major ups and downs.

Tuesday was an open day for parents and year 6 pupils to come and have a look round. As always it was fun (playing maths games), interesting (meeting new parents/pupils) and knackering (staying at school to approaching nine!). There were a few highlights that surpassed the norm though. 1, a former pupil dropped by to say hello. He was in my first a level class back in my NQT year and it was brilliant to see/catch up with him. It was also nice to hear his niece is due to start in September, if she is anything like him, I hope she ends up in my class! Tue other highlight was our head of maths teaching a year 6 logarithms and the pupil getting it!

The hardest thing I had to do this week was to inform some pupils they couldn’t do a level maths. These pupils had only got Cs at GCSE, and I think that in hindsight we should have never let them on in the first place. They had been allowed on in trial but had failed to reach the required standard on the test. I know that ultimately it is the best thing for them. They will all end up with better grades on their new courses than they would in maths, but it was still hard. I think we let them on thinking it was good to give them a chance, but we now know they’d have been better trying something else from the start. One to remember for next year then.

Also this week, I’ve been lucky enough to observe a couple of colleagues. One NQT with a class I had last year and one colleague who is at the same point in their career as I am. These lessons were both great to see and gave me things to take away and use.

The week ended quite difficultly, my final Friday lesson each week is with a particularly challenging year ten class, due to the hot weather they were harder to settle than usual and i had to call for the year manager. She is great and between us we ensured that no-one left without completing the work. It is time like that I am thankful that I’m lucky enough to be in a school with such good systems in place to deal with behaviour if it occurs.

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