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Tangrams and Angle Reasoning

Yesterday I came across this tweet from @learningmaths


I thought; “what a lovely little activity”. I’ve been a fan of tangram puzzles for a while, but this task was an entirely new one on me, and I love it.

The first thing that stuck me was the angles. Even without the lengths, this is a fantastic problem, which uses a lot of angle reasoning. When you add lengths it involves all sorts of other maths which can be tackled in many different ways! I intend to trial this as starters for my year 11 (angles only),12 and 13 (angles and lengths) classes, and I hope to build it into future teaching of angle rules and reasoning.

I am also tempted to dig out my own tangram set and investigate what other shapes I can create which will produce equally interesting problems!

I think there is potential to use this in area and enlargement problems, “if the triangle has area x, what sf have I enlarged by?”, “if I alter the hexagon to have side length 5cm, what’s the area?” I’m sure there are many more uses too. I will post again if and when I think of them!

If you have any further ideas I’d live to hear them!

Here is a larger version of the picture:


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