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I love matrices, I loved them at school from the very basic matrices that I learned at high school to the more hardcore matrices that were involved in my A Levels I always enjoyed them. Their associative, but non-communicative properties for multiplication fascinated me. As for the things that happen at university with tensors…..

So recently, I have been really enjoying teaching the chapter on 2×2 matrices to my FM AS class. From basic arithmetic with matrices to using the inverses to solve simultaneous equations. I think its fascinating to look at the transformations matrices geometrically, and as think it is certainly one of the topics that shows the links between the different strands of mathematics really well. My class have enjoyed the topic, and have been equally as fascinated as I have by the algebra and geometry involved.

I have uploaded the resources I used to TES here If you do use them , please let me know how they went.

The lessons on the notebook/exported PowerPoint presentation follow the chapter from the Edexcel textbook. I think the order is quite good, although I taught the bit on simultaneous equations prior to reversing transformations.

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