Bizarrely, I’ve never taught Histograms to a full class before. This seems strange as I’ve taught everything else, but it seems that due to schemes of work, class changes and shared classes I have never had the pleasure of teaching this topic to a whole class. I have taught it to small groups on revision days, but that is different to teaching it to a full class.

My Year 11’s have now covered the entire course and we are hitting the topics they need. On the last two mocks they all did very badly on Histograms, and say that it has been a long time since they learned about them, so I have decided to cover it on the first week back. I had a look over my resources and I have very little. I thought about what I wanted them to know, and what they need to be able to reproduce in the exam. I find that there are not that many real life uses of Histograms, They can be used to look at distributions, but not much else. In fact, a friend once told me she had a background in using statistics before she went into teaching and could use that knowledge to find real world uses of everything, except for histograms.

I personally think they are quite a nice way of showing a distribution, and like the way that it links to normal and other distributions in higher level stats.But I don’t see much need on them being on the GCSE syllabus, and I’m fairly sure that the vast majority of people won’t use them in the real world!

I have uploaded my notebook, exported PowerPoint and exam questions sheet here, if anyone is interested – as always feedback will be gratefully received. I’m on the hunt for a bingo or a card sort on the subject, so do feel free to signpost me to a good one if you know of any! If I’ve had no luck by next week I will probably make one, so watch this space!

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