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Indices and Surds

Last term I taught a series of lessons to my year 11s on indices and surds. They are a high ability class and I wanted to ensure that they had the thorough grounding on the topic necessary to tackle Core 1 A Level problems, as well as the GCSE. I have uploaded then to TES and you can access them here.

The first lesson is the one entitled “Indices”, and it is an introduction to the topic overall and the rules of indices that the class should have been familiar with. I also gave them a card sort to complete here which had them simplifying algebraic indices and evaluating numerical problems (up to and including negative fractional powers).

The next lesson was the hardcore indices. This had them tackling problems that would come up on the paper, and some that they will definitely need to know next year which I took off C1 papers. They loved the fact that they were doing A Level past paper questions and really responded to the challenge.

The next two lessons were on surds. The first is one I adapted from a colleague and covers the basics and gets them familiar with surds. They responded well to the lesson and enjoyed the content. The next lesson was rationalising the denominator, which again was well received, the class enjoyed it and I even had some of them working with complex numbers by the end as they were flying through the work.

Let me know if you use the lessons and how the class go. Feedback is always warmly received and also, any links to any superb resources on the topics will be greatly received too!

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