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Mathematical Graffiti

Pi appears in the strangest of places. It is, of course, the ratio of circumference to diameter for all circles. It is also half the period of the sine cure and cosine curve, and hence a sinusoidal wave. It’s in the period of a pendulum, heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, cosmology, Fluid Dynamics and many other maths/physics formulae. It crops up in nature in the double helix, it’s even the mean meandering ratio. (The ratio of a rivers actual length, to the straight line distance from source to end.)

This, however, seems to be ridiculous:


I spotted this piece of graffiti on a toilet door at a wedding, and before you ask no I didn’t put it there.

I did wonder if it could be an accident, could some of the paint have peeled off and just happened to form this Shape? Perhaps, but there was hardly any other paint missing and the shape was so perfect I decided it had to be deliberate.

So, is there a rogue mathematician tagging the toilets of Yorkshire with his favourite constants, or was it a Greek person who was caught in the act after just 1 letter?

Have you encountered, or committed any mathematical graffiti? I’d love to hear about it,and see it if you have!

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  1. flyingcoloursmaths
    June 1, 2014 at 10:37 am

    Across Europe, it’s pronounced ‘pee’.

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