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Happy New Year (2014/15)

It’s funny that in most of the world the year starts in January, but in Education we start in.September. (Not to forget those finance types who start in April) But that’s how it is. My mind has always been set to a September new year. Probably because I’ve been around education for most of my life. I still work out people’s ages based on school years!

This time of year, for me, is one of new beginnings. I came across this post this evening. It’s last year’s happy new year post, and in it i set out some hopes and ideas for the year ahead.

This year is different, it’s not just a new year, but a new school. I do, however, have a similar feeling of excitement, perhaps more so.

Last year I wrote of wanting to ensure my lessons were as good as they could be, and I think I managed that on the most part. That’s not to say they were perfect, just as good as I could have made them. This year I want them to be better. I think that all teachers should be striving for those constant improvement. The way I plan to do this is to observe as many others as I can, to trail different things in my lessons, to use ideas I’ve seen and read about, continue to attend teachmeet and conferences (and any other CPD I can get) when given the chance and continue working towards my masters.

Last year I also spoke about wanting to read more. I have managed that, and the education books, journals and blogs I’ve read, and the Maths ones, have indeed helped my teaching. I even managed, fiction book! (Terry Pratchett’s collection of shorter writing entitled “A blink of the screen”, for those who are interested.) My “to read” list, however, is constantly growing, so I hope this year to be able to read even more from all categories, and hopefully these will improve my teaching too.

The new school brings with it a new role, and a move from TLR responsibility to leadership responsibility. This is exciting and I want to make sure that this side of my practice is as good as it can be too. My school have put me forward for a course which will help here and I have a lot of great people around to learn from.

Another exciting thing this year is purchased involvement with the core maths qualification. We are lucky enough to be a pilot school for the scheme and I’m excited by the prospect. We have a decent group of pupils who have signed up, and we are motoring along, even though there is, as yet, little information on the course. This new qualification is something that will be shaped over the next few years, and I look forward to being part if that.

All in all, I am excited about 2014-15, excited by its prospects and hopeful that I can improve myself, and the outcomes of the pupils in my charge.

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