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Core Mathematics

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I was intrigued when I heard of plans for a new qualification in maths that would be for those post 16 students who had attained a C or above in maths but we’re not going on to study A level maths. I think this is an excellent idea, I feel that the thinking skills, life skills and employability skills that this offers will be of massive benefit to a vast number of people.

I was excited, when I interview for my new post, to discover the school were planning on putting a bid in to become early adopters of the qualification. We won the bid and we have since been waiting eagerly to discover the exact content of the qualification which is due in full in November.

In September, when we started the course we had very little available, there was no syllabus, the core maths support programme (cmsp) had some initial info about projects but no examples and we were left to start teaching in the dark, as it were. From the info we got from cmsp we managed to create a list of topics, some from GCSE and some from A level, which would be requirements of the course. We then planned the first few weeks around these.

Our cohort is entirely made up if pupils with C grades, so it was certainly beneficial for them to cover the topics from the higher GCSE syllabus first and they have all made progress. In this area.

Last week the cmsp put up some example projects, and so this week we tried the shockwheat one. I really enjoyed it, and the majority of the learners did too. They found the Maths fairly easy, but it was good to show them an introduction to modelling that would be used in a non-mathematical environment in the world of work.

I am still quote excited about the course, and can’t wait for the full details to be published in November. In the meantime, I’m attending an AQA course on Monday which I’m fairly excited about and hope will give me more info!

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