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Behind the Mathematician: Stephen Cavadino

This week I had the honour of contributing to Amir (@workedgechaos)’s fantastic “Behind the mathematician” series which looks at maths and teaching from the perspectives of different maths teachers. I really enjoy the series and was happy to be asked. Do go and have a read of mine and others.

Teaching at the edge of chaos

Behind the Mathematician continues in its quest to publicise the best maths teachers out there. This week the feature contributor is Stephen Cavadino, the man behind cavmaths and one of the most prolific bloggers out there. Whether it’s on the reasons for being a teacher or some ideas on the use of puzzles in the classroom, Stephen’s insight is as valuable as it is comprehensive.

Oh, and anyone who knows the travails of being a parent of a (very) young ‘un and trying to make a real difference in maths teaching deserves a thumbs up from me. Enjoy!

What is your name/alias?

Stephen Cavadino, @srcav

What is your role?

KS5 leader

How would you describe your teaching style?

I’m not sure I have a specific style, so perhaps the correct answer would be “varied”. I believe that different classes need to be taught in different ways, and that…

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