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Edublog Awards 2014

My timehop today informed my that it’s a year since I posted my nominations for the Edublog Awards 2013. I had forgotten they existed and thought I would enter some nominations. Unfortunately, nominations have closed. So this post is who I would have nominated!

Best Individual Blog

This is a tricky category for me, as I love loads and loads of blogs. But after thinking long and hard about it I have decided my nomination for “Best Individual Blog 2015” goes to Colin Beveridge’s (@icecolbeveridge ) “Flying Colours Maths“. The blog is, for me, the perfect mix of maths curiosities and maths teaching ideas, all of which Colin purveys with great humour. He is always interesting and entertaining, although on occasion he is wrong.

Best Group Blog

A blog I’ve discovered recently which brightens my day is “One good thing“. It’s run by a number of people, including Sam Shah (@samjshah) and Tina Cardone (@crstn85). It is full of positive reflections and some excellent maths teaching ideas.

Best New blog

This is another tough choice for me, as there are so many new blogs that are brilliant. 2014 has seen a wealth of fantastic new bloggers reflecting and sharing. The choice was really tough, and the only way I could choose from the final two was that the other would also be nominated in another category. So my nomination for “Best Newcomer” is Amir’s (@workedgechaos) “Teaching at the edge of chaos“. This is a brilliant blog that has helped me frame my thoughts on many subjects and has given me a fascinating insight into Amir and many other maths teachers through the behind the mathematician series.

Best Resource Sharing Blog

Who else could this one go to but the Fabulous Joanne Morgan’s (@mathsjem) “Resourceaholic“. It’s a phenomenal blog, dedicated to sourcing the best resources for maths lessons. Special mention goes to the weekly “Maths Gems” series.

Best Teacher Blog

A strange category, as all the above blogs are written by teachers. In thinking about this category I wanted to choose a reflective blog that puts things into perspective. For this Is have chosen Mel Muldowney’s (@just_maths) superb blog, which has been particularly poignant for me as I too have changed schools this year and met many similar challenges.

Best Headteacher Blog

There are some fantastic headteacher blogs put there, that always make me think. This year I have found quite a few of them to be particularly inspiring, and I’d have liked to nominate Tom Sherrington’s (@headguruteacher) “Head Guru Teacher“, I’ve loved reading about Tom’s journey from KEGS to Highbury Grove.

Most Inspirational Post

This year, I think the most inspiring post I’ve read was this from John Tomsett (@johntomsett). It sets out a vision, a mission statement, of what a great head should be.

Lifetime Achievement Award

This year I’d have to nominate Old Andrew (@oldandrewuk). For his incredible and tireless work on “The Echo Chamber” coupled witg his own blog “Scenes from the Battleground“. I don’t always agree with all he writes, but sometimes he’s just spot on.

Now that nominations have closed, you can vote for the Edublog Awards here.

If you are interested on seeing a more comprehensive list of blogs,and pages I like, click here.

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