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Quadratic Equation Solver – the app

Earlier today Will Davies (@notonlyahatrack) tweeted at me that Phil Boor (@Phil_Boor) had had his first app published, “Quadratic Equation Solver“.

I quickly downloaded it, and I quite like it. It does exactly what it days on the tin, it solves quadratic equations. I’m not sure there’s a huge market for it to be honest, especially with the other maths apps that are available that solve quadratic equations and do lots of other things as well.


One love the look of it, and how quickly it solves quadratics, but I did find it slightly annoying that you have to put 1 in as a coefficient. That you can’t change the + symbols to – symbols so have to add negative coefficients.


I was also a little disappointed that it didn’t give me the formula when I tried to solve ax^2 + bx + c = 0.

It amused me that for this:


Expresses the answer -1 as -3+rt4 and -5 as -1-rt4!

All in all, a lovely little free app, if you want one that only solves quadratic equations. If you’re after one that does this (albeit in a slightly less cool way) and more, try the free “mathematics” or the very reasonably priced “Wolfram Alpha“.

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