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Brilliant – An app review

Over the weekend I read this post by Jo Morgan (@mathsjem). In it she refers to a website “brilliant.org” which offers some brilliant stuff to be used in maths teaching. I liked the look of it so I set off to investigate and when I accessed the site I was presented with a pop up asking if I wanted to download the app, which I promptly did.

When I accessed the app I was presented with a number of mini quizzes which covered a range of early KS3 material, but on further exploration I discovered a treasure trove of fantastic questions and explanations of topics ranging from very basic up to degree level.



On top of this there are some fantastic puzzles to solve and the app tracks what you have done and how well you have on it. I found it really fun, I enjoyed testing my knowledge on some of tge further mechanics and am looking forward to attempting some of the puzzles.



I think this app is brilliant for anyone who loves maths, whether they be studying it at school, at university, teach it or just enjoy keeping themselves smart.

There is also the chance to subscribe to additional content, I haven’t yet but I am tempted. The additional content seems to be more worked solutions to the quizzes, but I think I’ll see how much I use the app before I upgrade.

I do love the prices too, it’s £tau pounds a month, but if you sign up for a year they reduce it to £pi – a lovely touch.


A great app, if you love maths, get it and if you’re studying maths it will help immensely.

I’d also advise following the app page on Facebook, you get a constant stream of little beauties like this:


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