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Dear “Outstanding Teacher”

Dear “Outstanding Teacher”,

I’ve just read your secret teacher letter to Ofsted in the guardian and I have to say I was unimpressed. You mention time and time again that you’ve done things to tick boxes because that’s what you thought the rules were. That’s not what it should be about. You should be doing things because they improve outcomes for the learners in your care. Perhaps if you had focused in this your inspection might have gone better. Maybe the inspector arrived to find a senior management team so obsessed with box ticking that the learners were being left behind, as that’s what your letter implies.

Are you a real human, or an automaton? You talk of “cutting the deadwood” and “only taking the best with us”, so what, you have turned a load of struggling teachers out on the streets? With no jobs and families to feed? And what have you based your criteria on, the same tick boxes you thought were wanted but it turns out you were wrong about? Why not try to support these teachers in becoming “the best” and take them with you?

Your learners and your staff are people, not numbers on a data sheet. Your role as a management team is to ensure staff and students are growing, developing and improving. Perhaps the fact you have missed that, and become obsessed with box ticking, has been your downfall. Stop worrying about “the rules of the game”, it’s not a game, it’s real life, these are real people and you are in a position with comes with a duty of care. Switch your focus, create the conditions for growth required for staff and students, see the outcomes improve for all. That’s what is important here.


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