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Those awesome moments

We are currently in full swing of university offers/interviews etc and yesterday one of the girls in my home team (form group/tutor group/coaching group etc) had an interview for a course she really, really wanted to get onto.

The course is at Hull University and is in “Law and legislative studies“, and she has spoken of little else since she found it last year. It is a unique course which includes a year in Westminster working with an mp or peer.

Today she came in beaming. She said she had gotten to the interview, she told me “I nearly left straight away sir. There’s me, an Asian girl from Bradford, and every one else was white posh and southern. Some of them went to that Eton place and when they were talking about where else they’d applied it was Oxford, Cambridge and Durham.” She told me she’d been stressing out and they informed her there was only 6 places on the course so she thought she had no chance.

Her fears were for nothing though, she obviously wooed them, as they have offered her a place. She was delighted, and I was made up for her.

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