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Just get on with it

This post was originally published on Labour Teachers here, on 12th June 2015.

I recently wrote about my views on Academies and Free Schools  (you can find the post here). I know many people hold strong views for or against them but given the current government are majorly for them I feel trying to protest against them currently is a little bit pointless. The speed of the Academies project has been immense and it us rapidly growing and continuing.

Today I read this announcement regarding the Education and Adoption bill which:

“(is due) to close loopholes and speed up the turnaround of failing schools

“has been backed by leading heads as ‘very positive step forward for families’”

“is part of the government’s plan to give every single child the best start in life”

I worry about this bill and the ideas behind it. The assumption is that all academies are improvements on local authority schools. Now this is true for some schools but not all schools and I feel the assumption itself is dangerous. I’ve also seen some pretty strange judgments handed down to Schools in recent years where the rumours have abounded that pressure was being applied to force academisation.

It’s clear to me, reading this bill, that the Conservative government are desperate for all schools to become academies. I’m not sure their reasons for this, I assume it’s due to their ideological belief that the state should be minimised and everything handed over to a competitive free market. Although the cynical side of me wonders if they are trying to move education out of local authority control because Labour still control a vast amount of local authorities. Either way the electorate handed them a majority last month and they are now in a position to drive through these reforms.

I still hold reservations about academies and free schools, but one thing really bothers me about the current climate. Pretty soon academies will be in the vast majority, meaning very little money will be put into the local authorities and those schools doing well under local authority control will be put in a position which holds them back. They will be receiving less finding and less support.

I wish the government would be more honest about their reasons. It’s an ideological move, not one done to improve failing schools, and I wish they’d just come out and say it. Rather than bring in piecemeal bits of policy to take bits at a time, (1st all outstanding schools can be academies, then “all failing schools” now it seems to be all RI/”coasting schools etc) why not just tell us the real plan? All schools will be forced to become academies. Just get on with it, tell us the truth, tell us the plan and give us the time scale. At least then everyone would know where they stand.

  1. River
    June 17, 2015 at 4:41 pm

    The date of this post and the date of original publication do not jive.

    • June 17, 2015 at 6:06 pm

      Indeed they don’t. That’s due to WordPress registering the post on the day I wrote it. I drafted it here then sent it over to the editor. I didn’t publish here until the 16th.

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