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Another year over

Friday was the last day of term. The end of another year “at the chalkface” as it were. This year was my first in a new school, and that itself brought challenges. I wasn’t prepared for quite how massive a change it would be to move schools. Going from being established,  knowing all the students and being known by them to being a new face unknown to all.

In some ways it felt like being an NQT all over again, not knowing the systems or the kids,except this time I had experiences to fall back on and I feel I found my feet faster than I had back then.

The government have certainly kept us on out toes this year, massive curriculum changes, rejected sample assessments, an internal war within ofsted around lesson grading. It’s been a fast changing world,  Education.

We have been involved with the early adopters programme fro Core maths, which is extremely interesting,  but brought it’s own set of challenges. No specification until Christmas and still no way of knowing how best to assess learners on this new course with it’s new methodology.

Now we I’ve into summer,  having said goodbye to learners who have left, hoping to gain the grades in august to get them onto the next level of their journey. I know they put the effort in, and I hope they all get the grades they want.

I was blown away by the school production, my former schools has a history of performing arts and I had sen some phenomenal productions there and I didn’t think any school could match it, but I they did. The show was beauty and the beast, and it was amazing. The title roles were performed by a year 8 and a  year 9 yet we’re played with a maturity and professionalism way beyond that. I can’t wait to see how brilliant they are when they reach the sixth form.

It’s a year ago since I left my last post, and I’ve been reflecting on that this year as I have watched others moving on to the next stage of their careers. I’ve missed some of the classes I had in my old school, and some of the people I worked with. Former pupils seem to be a recurring theme lately,  I’ve run into quite a few who now work in bars, restaurants and bowling alleys I frequent and it’s great to catch up and hear how they’re getting on. I was even found on Monday by a year 10 at my new school who had met one of my old tutor group at a party and he’d promised to pass in her best wishes. Whenever I bump into or hear from former students it’s great, and I was particularly happy to hear that a few of them have passed their first year of their degrees with flying colours.

Summer is now upon us, time to recharge and reflect ahead of the new year, which will be here sooner than we think.

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