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Edublog Awards 2015

It’s coming up to the Christmas and new year period, and nominations have opened for the Edublog Awards 2015. The last few years I have written a post to nominate some of the blogs I enjoy most, and here I will list my nominations for this year. I hope you check out the blogs and find some that you enjoy as much as I do.

Best new blog

Always a tricky one, especially as blogs that are new toe aren’t always new! My favourite of the genuine new blogs I have discovered is Andy Lyons (@mrlyonsmaths) “Mr Lyons Maths” blog. It’s a lovely mix of resource based posts, pedagogy and policy. And Andy is always up for debating the issues he posts about.

Best group blog

This is a tough category, there are a lot of interesting group blogs. The fledgling “Better Questions” blog is certainly showing a lot of promise, but the one I enjoy reading, and writing for, the most is “Labour teachers“. Curated by Andrew Smith (@oldandrewuk)it is a great blog that takes opinion from all sections of the Labour movement. There have been some excellent debates on there and views are certainly not censored to a “company line”.

Best resource sharing blog

There are so, so many excellent resource sharing blogs out there that it is really difficult to narrow this down to a single nomination. Some great ones I’ve used this year’s include “Just Maths“, “Solve my maths“, “Pret Homework“, “Median“, “Miss Brookes maths” and “Mr Barton“. There are many others too. But this year’s nomination goes the same way as last year: “Resourceaholic“, the blog of Jo Morgan (@mathsjem) who shares some awesome resources as well as some great reflections on teaching and learning. My favourite section of her blog has to be the Maths Gems series where she shares ideas she’s picked up over the week.

Best teacher blog

A bizarre category really, as the vast majority of Edublogs are written by teachers. There are so many to chose from too. This time I’ve selected Ed Southall’s (@solvemymaths) “Solve my maths” in this category. It’s a great blog that has some excellent teaching ideas from an expert teacher and teacher trainer.

Best headteacher blog

This is one that is very difficult, there are some great headteacher blogs out there, two in particular were hard to decide between. John Tomsett’s (@johntomsett)superb blog, and Tom Sherrington’s (@headguruteacher) fantastic “Headguruteacher“. Both are well worth a read if you have a spare few minutes.

Most influential blog post of the year

This category is one that in recent years I’ve selected the post that inspired me the most. Normally something about teaching or schools, but this year I’ve picked something a little different. I’ve picked this post from relatively new edublogger Luke Blackburn (@MrBlackburn77) entitled “Rossett school politics enrichment trip to the Houses of Parliament”. It’s a post which highlights some great work being done by Rossett school around citizenship. Every week 30 students from across all year groups at Rossett give up a lunchtime to talk politics, that is no mean feat in the apathetic age we live in and this post charts the politics club on their annual trip to the houses of parliament. I think it’s great that parliament offer this and I think it’s great that schools take them up on it. I feel citizenship education is of paramount importance and I look forward to reading more about this politics club in 2016.

Best individual tweeter

I interact with so many people.overbthe medium of twitter hat it’s hard to.narrow down, but I think this year I’d like to nominate Tom Bennison (@DrBennison) in this category, as he has had some great ideas, sent me some superb links and crated #mathsjournalclub, which is my favourite of all twitter hashtag chats.

Best individual blog

This is another category I have real difficulty with. There’s so.many amazing blogs out there its almost impossible to decide. Colin Beveridge’s (@icecolbeveridge) “Flying Colours Maths” has been brilliant for another year along with those mentioned above and many many more, but I think this year I’m going to nominate Ben Orlin’s (@benorlin) “Math with bad drawings“, it’s a blog that regularly makes me think,while at the same time has me rolling on the floor with laughter! Go check it out.

There are, of course, many many other blogs and pages I like and you can see a fuller list here, which I endeavour to update as often as possible.

There are plenty more blogs and pages I like, you can find some of them here.

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