Microteaching: you know, splitting a lesson between a number of people each delivering 5-10 minutes. It was always an activity I enjoyed during my ITT course and it is something I’ve used well come revision times over the course of my career, although not for a while to be honest.

Then, on Monday when I was discussing with one of my Y13 classes the plan for this week and the work I would like them to complete over Christmas to pepare for January’s “Pre public examinations” one of them asked if they could do it. He didn’t use the term “microteaching”, he just asked if they could split up the unit we’ve just covered and each deliver a short revision session on it. The class are fantastic and I was pleased to give this the go ahead.

Today was the time for that lesson and when it arrived none of them had prepared anything, I suspected that this might happen and had brought so work as a contingency plan, but the class were keen to deliver the sessions anyway without planning. To “wing it” as it were. I was amazed by their willingness, as I know experienced teachers who would freeze on panic if they were asked to deliver even a short lesson like this without a set of pre prepared slides.

The sessions themselves were great, they led to some great discussions around the topic “differentiation”, and any errors made were picked up by others in the class. They also made some fantastix links to other topics and other areas of maths. There was also a decent amount of comedy in some of the sessions, including a little at my expense, but that just made it more interesting.

Definitely an activity I would run again, especially with this class.

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