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Core, Decision and the new GCSE

Well January went by in a flash, and as we enter February 2016 seems rather light on posts so far. It’s always the way at the start of the new year, mock exams create piles of marking and it’s all coming at such break neck speed it’s hard to find time to write anything. So here are a few thoughts:

Decision maths

It’s a real shame there’s no content from these modules on the new A level. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying certain aspects this year, as usual. I won’t shed any tears about flowcharts, bubble sort and binary search (etc) but I will very much miss the graphs and networks section.

Core Maths

I’ve enjoyed teaching this subject this year and I hope to carry on with it. It has, however, been massively frustrating at times, especially when trying to assess the students and try to gather evidence to make a prediction on what they will score.

The new GCSE

The frustrations with core maths are all applicable to the new GCSE which I’m teaching to year ten, we still have no way to grade them on it, and in a culture where grades need to be entered regularly this can be contentious. I’d love to hear any bright ideas you have for grading CORE maths or the new GCSE spec.

The bonus of this time of the year is it tend to be when those exam classes (and all in bar y10 are) start to short it up a gear. I’ve been impressed by the change in attitude from some of the most challenging pupils and I’m hoping for more of the same.

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