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Late tiering decisions

Last week year 11 sat their mocks. Some did really well, others did really poorly. It’s the latter group that has me purplexed. Students sitting the higher tier paper but only scoring single digits per paper, or even earlt teens per paper. What to do with them?

Some of them asked if they could move to foundation, I think its best for them. 1 student got 32 marks over 3 higher papers, did the 3 foundation and was well over 100. 1 student got 40 marks over 3 higher papers spent 30 mins in a foundation paper and got 60 marks. The grade 5s they want seem more achievable on foundation.

My issue lies with a few students desperate to do higher and try for 6s. Scoring around 50 marks over 3 higher papers it seems a risk. But having taught them both i feel that it’s within their capabilities. But from November to march they have made only tiny gains in marks. On the ine hand, foundation means they cant get a 6 and for at least one of them means rethinking post 16 choices, but on the other hand sitting higher means they might end up with only a 4 or less and thst would mean rethinking post 16 again. It’s tricky, any thoughts are welcomed.

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  1. March 20, 2019 at 11:20 pm

    Whilst I am no longer teaching full time in a secondary school the issue of which tier students would most benefit from taking is an issue that has been around ever since GCSE was first assessed in 1988 and prior wrt
    O-level and CSEs.
    Clearly the students need to be consulted and they need to leave such discussions knowing the risks and match these against their future hopes and their current mathematical prowess. If students know their options together with your opinion then they can take this information back to their parent(s)/guardian(s) and discuss with them what they think. For you to be the sole bearer of such decision-making is a situation you ought not to be placed in.

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