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A perfect circle

Well maths edutwitter has taken up a new collective hobby over the last few days, and it’s drawing freehand circles.

It has come about since Rob Smith (@RJS2212) tweeted this link to a webpage on which you draw a freehand circle, click analyse and get rated.

I’m not very good:

My first attempt scored 156, after many practices I’m scoring around 150 000 but I’m seeing others hot well into the millions. It’s a fun app that’s a tad addictive and I’d urge you all to have a go.

Having played a bit I was in some discussions on Twitter and one thing that I found interesting was that right handed folks appear to instinctively draw circles anticlockwise where left handed folks instinctively go clockwise. If you tried it I’d love to hear if you followed this apparent pattern. When I noticed this I tried drawing it clockwise and it turns out I score better going that direction.

I’m intrigued by the pattern though. I wonder if it could be due to a preference of the dominant side of the brain to a specific direction, or if it’s due to other factors? Maybe the way we write etc. Do left handed people write the letter o in a different direction? My o is always written anto clockwise- if your left handed I’d love to know how you write o. I’d also love to hear any science that can explain this phenomenon or even any theories you may have.

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