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7 years on

Seven years ago today I started this blog. I had only been teaching a few years and had discovered Twitter and many teacher and math teacher blogs. I was enjoying reading the many blogs I’d found and had noticed some of them spoke of how they felt it had made them more reflective practitioners. In particular I remember Dave Gale’s (@reflectivemaths) blog Reflective Maths Teacher (I think he used a different host then though) had given me many ideas for the classroom and Dave had said his blog had helped him.

So there I was, lessons had finished o what was my daughters due date. There had been no signs of contractions and I had 30 minutes before a twilight CPD session, so I thought “why not?”. I opened this wordpress account and posted this short post reflecting on am extension task I had made up on the spot as two of my year 7 students had completed all the work I had planned for them before the lesson was up.

I didn’t write another post for about 5 months (I had a newborn baby and a full timetable), and not many people read any posts in that first year.

Since then my blogging has been up and down in its frequency. I’ve shared things I’ve done, shared thoughts on pedagogy, on education policy and maths in general. I have found blogging to be a good way to frame my thoughts on many things and start conversations on maths and on teaching with people I wouldn’t otherwise have communicated with. I feel I have learned a lot. It has made me a better teacher and a better mathematician.

I’m currently in a period of time where my blogging is more frequent again, and I hope to continue with that. I just thought I’d mark this little anniversary with a short post and say thanks to everyone who has read, commented, shared and discussed the thoughts I’ve posted here.

Onwards we go.

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