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And rest

Here we are, we made it. Another year done and another long summer holiday just begun. This time of year I find it hard not to reflect on what had been, what’s to co.e and what might have been.

It’s been a tough year in our department. We had a couple of people on mat leave and a number more who had to have lengthy spells off due to a variety of illnesses and injuries. This left me leading a skeleton department for a large chunk of the year when we were in the thick of it with year 11. It was tough and there were plenty of challenges to overcome, but we made it through and came out the other end. I was lucky enough to have great support from SLT and from the maths lead of our trust, who spent a lot of time in our school. He helped a lot with the additional leadership responsibilities I had to take on and he got really stuck in in the classroom. I feel that the experience has certainly had a positive impact on my own leadership skills and I think it had improved the team, who all went above and beyond to ensure we made it through. Whatever happens in August I know everyone gave there all and we couldn’t have done any more.

By the end of the year, everyone was back. We had a much more settled department and have a great foundation to move onwards into next year. I think we are in a great place to push on and improve further. We have a solid team in place, a great curriculum and have made some plans I feel will give the students a great chance of success.

This year I completed my NPQML. I feel that too has been a benefit to my development and I’m currently looking at options for my next learning venture.

I made it to a #mathsconf for the first time in a while and hope to get to more next year. I feel this has given me further things to think about in my own practice and I have already begun to implement some ideas and strategies in my lessons. Next year I plan to follow these through further and am particularly interested in trialling more use of manipulatives in my classroom.

This year I have been able to have great discussions with some former pupils who are now maths teachers,, and recieved news that another is looking to embark on a career in maths research and lecturing. This has been a source of much pride and enjoyment for me and I know they will all be brilliant in their chosen careers. I’m glad they chose mathematics.

I’ve also managed to start writing more on this blog, which I have neglected a bit over the last few years. I feel that this is something that really helps me frame my thoughts, improve my maths and reflect on my teaching, so I hope to keep the momentum up with it.

Now is the time to rest, to spend time with my family and recouperate ready for September, when it all starts again. Thanks to all who read this blog and those who interact with me on here and on social media. I hope you all have a great summer and continue to interact, as I feel you all help me to continue to improve.

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