General Education Blogs

Here are some of the blogs I read and enjoy on the wider subjects involved in education, such as Education Policy and Pedagogy. I have included twitter handles as they are all people worth following.

First up, my four favourite SLT bloggers who’s blogs are a must read for anyone with and interest in education (in no particular order…)

John Tomsett’s (@johntomsett) “This much I know about….” is phenomenal. John’s a highly experienced teacher and head who’s blog is always a joy to read. Its full of great stuff on teaching and learning, along with leadership and general education issues.

Tom Sherrington’s (@headguruteacher) excellent “Head Guru Teacher” blog is wonderful. He talks about everything education based, from leadership issues to policy issues to his superb “Pedagogy Postcards” series.

Kev Bartle (@kevbartle) has some great stuff over at Daily Genius which is brilliant and encompasses all things education, teaching, leadership and research.

There are also many, many, many more fantastic education blogs out there, and below are some of the ones I really enjoy. Some of these people could be SLT too I guess, so apologies if I’ve listed you wrong!:

Tom Bennett’s (@tombennett71) blog on the TES is pretty awesome. He covers a variety of things and is always worth a read.

The formerly anonymous Old Andrew (@oldandrewuk) (aka Andrew Old) covers many fantastic topics over at Scenes from the Battleground. He is a maths teacher, but his blogs tend to be more general so I thought he would be better placed in this section. I don’t always agree with him, but sometimes he is just spot on. He’s always good to read, and if you ever want an impassioned debate over anything education related, you just need to disagree with him!

Debra Kidd (@debrakidd) writes passionately on her blog about education policy and pedagogy alike. She has taught all ages, from early years to postgraduates!

David Didau (@learningspy) has written about anything and everything educational over at “The Learning Spy“.

Mark Miller (@GoldfishBowlMM) is an English teacher who has some phenomenal stuff over a The Goldfish Bowl. He writes a lot of general stuff that is useful for everyone, as well as some more subject specific stuff.

Michael Tidd (@MichaelT1979) writes over at Ramblings of a Teacher. He is a primary/middle school teacher who has some great ideas and who is willing to tackle the bigger issues.

The anonymous @bigkid4 (another maths teacher who I feel is better suited in this list) writes some brilliant thought provoking pieces over at My Life As a Cynical Teacher.

Kenny Pieper (@kennypieper) is another English teacher with some thought provoking topics over at his blog “Just trying to be better then yesterday“.

Martin Robinson (@surrealanarchy) has a lot to say, I really enjoy his blog and have just started his book Trivium 21c.

Dawn Cox (@missdcox) is an RE AST. I have only recently discovered her blog, and I’m currently enjoying some back issues!

James Theobald (@jamestheo) over at Othmars Trombone consistently provides food for thought.

The Echo Chamber (@TheEchoChamber2) is a blog which reblogs and links to ALL the education blogs out there. It is curated by Old Andrew and is a fantastic place to go to see what the Education Blogosphere is up to.

I’m fairly sure there are others I love, so apologies if I’ve missed you out. I will endeavour to keep this page up to date!

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