Maths and Maths Teaching

Here is a selection of blogs and pages I like based around maths, and maths teaching:

Firstly I’d like to mention Dave Gale’s (@reflectivemaths) Reflective Maths Teacher Site It is one I have gathered many ideas from and have been entertained by no end. This was one of the blogs that inspired me to write my own.

You can always count on Colin Beveridge’s (@icecolbeveridge) Flying Colours Maths for some great ideas and interesting posts.

Jo Morgan (@mathsjem) over at Resourceaholic has a great blog which includes the “Maths Gems” series, and again the wider site has plenty of stuff there. Jo also curates the nice “Maths Pret Homework” page.

Ben Orlin (@benorlin) has a wonderful website “Math with bad drawings”, which makes me think and laugh in equal measure.

Maths misery, by Manan Shah (@shahlock) has some great stuff and he is always up for a good twitter maths debate.

The blog Mel Muldowney runs over at Just Maths (@just_maths) is always worth a read and the wider site is also full of great stuff.

Hannah (@missradders) runs a great blog over at ideas for the classroom which, funnily enough, is full of great ideas for the classroom.

Tom Bennison (@DrBennison) has started a very interesting blog over at Mathematics and Coding.

Stuart Price (@sxpmaths) writes the excellent blog “Education, Maths, Procrastination” which is full of puzzles and discussions of maths, learning and pedagogy.

Sam Shah (@samjshah) has a great blog, with the best name, Continuous Everywhere but Differentiable Nowhere, full of excellent discussion on maths and maths pedagogy, and he also presides over the excellent Betterqs which is contributed to by many excellent teachers.

Another that I have learned a lot from is Emily Hughes’s (@ilovemathsgames) I love maths games which is a great place to discover teaching ideas and resources, and a fantastic place to investigate puzzles, maths games and solo taxonomy.

Colleen Young’s (@colleenyoung) blog has some brilliant stuff on it and is well worth a look, especially if you are interested in including more technology into your maths lessons.

On a similar theme, Math Hombre by John Golden (@mathhombre) if a fantastic site with some excellent ideas for lesson activities.

Don Stewards “median” is phenomenal for resources and rich tasks.

Denise Gaskins’s (@letsplaymath) Let’s Play Math from across the pond has some great ideas about teaching pre A Level Maths.

The Aperiodical has some great stuff on there from all areas of maths by many authors.

The Math Less Travelled by Brent Yorgey is a fantastic blog with some great explanations and discussions on maths.

For a comprehensive list of over 300 maths blogs (that I have not yet managed to visit all of, but I do intend to) then visit ( ). David’s blog has some great stuff, so don’t limit yourself just to the list!

There are also 2 Maths blog “Carnivals” which move from guest host to guest host. Both are definitely worth checking out. There is the “Carnival of Maths” which host anything maths based, and “Playful maths carnival” which is restricted to pre university level stuff.


Wrong, But Useful (by @reflectivemaths and @icecolbeveridge) a superb maths podcast I’ve written about before here.


TES Maths podcast (hosted by THE Mr Barton! – who also tweets as @TESMaths) ): great podcast aimed at maths teachers, discussing maths teaching and resources.

Also Numberphile is a great website including many, many videos about maths.

There are many great ones, and I’ve probably missed some I love, I will try to keep adding more as I remember and as I discover more.

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