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I have set up this page on the blog to signpost people to any of the resources I may mention while blogging, and to any pages that i find that are particularly useful while searching for resources.

To start with I thought I would give a shout out to Mathsloops . It is an amazing resource that covers all the topics you could wish for, and is very reasonably priced. This resource is extremely engaging and pupils of all ages and abilities love them. It is definitely my favourite resource of all time.

I don’t want to teach you to suck eggs, but incase you are not aware, there are some superb sites out there from which resources are freely available.

The first stop on any maths teacher should be Mr Barton Maths. Mr Barton is the king of all resources and his website is easy to use and has a wealth of wonderful resources on it. He is also the maths specialist at the TES, which is my second stop on the resources front. This website is free to sign up to and most of the resources are free for all to use.

I have recently set up an account to put my own resources on TES, you can find them here.

There are thousands of things on there, so I thought I’d mention some of my favourite resource providers:

For A-Level resources try SRWhitehouse She has submitted some wonderful stuff for teaching A-Level Maths.

For KS Three and Four (and sometimes Five) some of my favourites are:

Ben Cooper (,

Tristran Jones (,

Tim Buckton ( (who does magic things with excel)


Paul Collins (

There are many other brilliant providers and I hope to add to the list as I go on.

We have recently aqcuired some superb literacy resources within the department : they are fantastic for building literacy in maths and are very engaging.

Another website that has great resources is : subtangent  which is well worth investigating.

Just Maths is a fantastic site which includes plenty of resources, many are free and those that aren’t can be accessed at a very reasonable rate.

Resourceaholic is another great site with loads of resources for all aspects of maths teaching which is always worth a visit to.

Don Steward’s superb blog “Median” is a great place to look for innovative ideas.

Nrich is a great place to find richer tasks.

Risps are fantastic rich tasks for A level maths. is an amazing site and associated app (see app review here) that has a massive range of puzzles and questions to test your skills at.

I also hope to add more resources as I go along, but hopefully if you’ve come looking for resources, I’ve given you something to be going on with for now! If you find anything good, I’m always looking for more, so please do tell me!

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