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May 14, 2013 2 comments

Inequalities is a subject that I enjoy teaching, it is one which easily lends itself to SMSC discussion around inequality in society and it is quite a fun topic to do.

The first lesson observation I had that was a solid “good” during my NQT year was for a lesson on inequalities. This introductory lesson on inequalities as been tweaked and formed the basis of the lesson i use most of each time. That lesson can be found here: 

The lesson starts with a few pictures of different inequalities and I ask the class if they know they word and if they can tell me what it has to do with the pictures I have put on the board. This can produce some lively debate and often some brilliant answers about social inequality and how unfair that can be.

I then introduce the signs and discuss what they mean and the difference between them before moving on to some questions which pupils need to answer on whiteboards. These start with easy numerical ones before moving on to some sums. I include one where they get 4 and 4 and have to put a sign in. Most put one of the “or equal to” ones but there’s always one or two who opt for = despite it not being on the list. I think this is a great discussion point to use with pupils. As it gets further on I throw a couple of fun ones in. Most pupils get Maths > English correct (thankfully), but most get Rugby > football wrong!

The lesson moves onto numberlines and writing integers which satisfy inequalities and then refers to a card sort activity which involves pictures showing inequalities on a number line, integers which satisfy the inequality and the inequality written algebraically. The lesson moves on to solving them and the plenary (or “Final challenge”) is to solve a wordy past paper GCSE question.

I enjoy using this lesson and my pupils enjoy it, understand it and learn from it and i hope that some of you can have a similar experience with your classes.

NB: I’ve also included an exported powerpoint of the notebook file.

Into the woods. Nature or nurture?

April 27, 2013 Leave a comment

On Thursday evening I was lucky enough to see the latest school production. This time it was Sondheim’s “Into the woods”. Not a show I’ve seen before, or knew much about. All I knew really was that it was by Sondheim, and I like his other work, “Sweeney Todd”.

The show was phenomenal. (You may have read my blogs about other school productions, if not they are here: My dad said to me afterwards “I don’t think the show itself is a good as cats, but I think the production and the performances are definitely as good, if not better.” I’m not sure I agree with the first bit, I think the show itself was great. I think the story is far better than cats and it has more dimensions. Cats is a collection of phenomenal songs with great choreography, but into the woods is a full show, with humour, a story and some great songs along the way.

I’d be very inclined to agree with the second part of my dads comments though, especially the last bit. I think it was a better production than cats. Which is really saying something, as Cats was brilliant!

It’s incredible to see these pupils, from these deprived areas, coming together and putting on something amazing. The star role of the witch went to a year 11 pupil. (A great achievement in itself, given she was up against many performers from y12 and 13!) At other schools, she may have fallen by the wayside, but here she has shined. In year 12 we have a male ballet dancer who played the wolf and the hind legs of the cow. He was amazing, before Thursday I would have thought it impossible for the hind legs of a cow to be a show stealing part, but now I know it is!

One of my year seven pupils was playing little red riding hood, and it was amazing to see how she shone. It was an incredible performance from a young lady with a great voice, great acting ability and seemingly no nerves, despite being considerably younger than most of her costars.

These weren’t the only pupils who shone, the whole cast were amazing, and I now can’t wait for the next production. Not just the cast though, the set design team, the lighting, the sound, the band everyone came together to make a fantastic show.

On the way home, my partner asked “how come your school has so many talent pupils?” This got me thinking. It is unlikely that the people if the surrounding area are just giving birth to a higher than normal amount of talented performers, so it must be something else.

I’m a rugby fan, and over the years have wondered how such small towns as Wigan and St Helens have consistently produced some of the best rugby players in the world. I think that in their case it must be the nurturing and coaching that the professional clubs put in place with their local amateur clubs. Likewise, I think that there must be something in the culture if the school that enables these pupils to reach their potential.

I think the drive and commitment of the staff rubs off onto the pupils. I think caring that they do well, instills in them the desire to do well. I think that is very evident in the shows, but I also think it is endemic across the school. It is a culture I am proud to be part of.

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